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October 2, 2009

Autumn, Migration

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The leaves are just beginning to change here, forest stands have some nice colors around their edges. I think it will be a wondrous fall here in New England. The summer was cool and wet. The trees love to grow in that type of summer so they should be primed to have a showy fall with all the nutrients that have been provided into the leaves.

As for the birds I do not have much to say. I was out in the woods twice in the last week but they were as much mental health walks as bird walks. Many things have left the area and I suspect there are those few northern things that spend the winter here starting to arrive. October is a month of lots of movement for the migrants, even though many get a start or even finish in September.

September 27, 2009

Word Up!

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This is my new blog about birding in and around Arlington, MA. I will be checking in here with reports and field trip news as I am able to both get out and write. There are plenty of good spots around here for birding, so that will not be a limitation! Time is the bigger problem.

One of the things I am working hard at in my birding is to get better at birding by ear. The good thing I like about this is I can be riding in my car, listening to calls and the explanations. This means I don’t have to always get out in the field to be able to build up my birding skills.

My hope is to get out in the field next week. There is not a lot of stuff going on here since it is early fall but it is never a bad idea to be outside.

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